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The Tengu, Guardians of the Eastern Peaks

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1 The Tengu, Guardians of the Eastern Peaks on Wed Jul 12, 2017 3:06 am

In the eastern mountains of the largest of the islands, The Tengu are a race of avian humanoids who live in [INSERT CONTINENT NAME HERE]'s mountain peaks, specifically, a series of mountain oases and forested plateaus. Here, they have created a feudal society, reclusive to other civilizations.


The head of a Tengu is similar to that of a Kea parrot, though the face is slightly taller, and the beak is reduced slightly. Their bodies are covered in feathers that range from a hazel to a silver to a forest green. The chest of a Tengu is thin but also broad, and is slender compared to a human. The arms are covered in feathers until a few inches up from the wrist, where the feathers give way to grey avian scales which are accompanied by long, black quills. The hands of a Tengu are obviously devolved from bird wings, with two long fingers, and a short thumb, all ending in long talons. The legs of the Tengu are like an Ostrich's legs, but more anthropomorphic and feathered down to several inches down from the knee, leading down to the two toed feet.


The Tengu are controlled by a group of highly-trained warriors called Shoguns, and these Shogun run several towns of Tengu under them. Tengu Shoguns are prone to fighting with one another, fighting to gain an upper hand over their brethren. Under the shoguns, there is a feudal system of lords, highly-honored warriors, and religious officials who control lands run by Serfs who have a many specialized jobs. The 'lord' caste is expected to give many tithes to their Shogun every month, so they make sure that their Serfs work, or else the Lord's land will be taken by the Shogun, the 'lord' 'dishonored' (either exiled into the colder mountain peaks or excecuted), and redistributed to another 'lord'.


Under the Shogun, the Tengu are exceptionally isolationist, xenophobic, and generally distrusting of other civilizations. Once, long ago, it is said that, due to several emissaries of another race coming to a Tengu town, that the Tengu launched a massive campaign, destroying this race for trespassing onto their lands and bringing dishonor to their people.

Tengu are heavily believing in honor, trying to stay honorable within their ranks, following the orders of a higher-ranked warrior to the word. Eventually, if they continue to stay honorable and obedient to their 'lord', they will eventually be given a higher rank among Tengu society.


The military of the Tengu is based upon which Shogun the Tengu are under. All 'lords' and their warriors/serfs must fight under a Shogun should they go to war, or else the lord will be dishonored. The weapons of each Shogun's forces are specialized to their own liking. For example, one group of Tengu may be more attuned to calvary than to archery, and another may use extensive archery and little in swordplay. Their armor is made of steel plates, covered in a painted paper which is glued to their armor. The plates are placed over a bronze chain armor, and the head of the Tengu is always given an ornamental wood and steel helmet, adorned with all sorts of fancy jewlery, golf, and other sorts of trinkets, if it is a higher-ranked warrior.

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