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Magic rules

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1 Magic rules on Thu Jul 06, 2017 6:32 pm


So far as I can tell, this rp is going to be very open ended with freedom from stats and most forms of hardcore combat rp. As such, I've chalked up a magic system that should be fairly good. Feel comments and critique would be very highly appreciated.


There is one thing you must always keep in mind when practicing magic in this world: the power is a subtle thing. It's mysterious, unknown, and only manifests in those who search above and beyond for knowledge beyond what they know and go out of their way to discover it by their own hands rather than through simple books and learning.

Based on the little formal research that has been properly put into magic, it has been determined that magic can manifest within one in a handful of different ways.

1. Learning: The power of magic most often manifests itself within men of knowledge and/or those searching for secrets. Whether it comes as a result of the knowledge they have attained or as the universe's favor in giving them an edge to further their learning is unknown. But the fact remains that magic only comes to those who seek to gain knowledge by their own hand rather than or in addition to books.

2. Desire: Sometimes a person longs for power so intensely that it simply comes to them. Not that it makes their powers any more flashy, but magic in this form comes a little bit more instintively, oftentimes giving people who suddenly manifest power through desire an edge in the usage of the Transmutation and Necromancy schools, though they are very often inept at practicing Alchemy or Artifice.

3. Sponsorship: There are many mystical beings in the universe, and many of them have immense magical powers. Some would even be willing to teach their followers a thing or two in exchange for having mortal heralds. Theoretically, any god can do this.

Now, I feel I should note that to many people, the power of magic is revolting. It's mysterious, oftentimes faked. Not to mention, it gives regular people an unknown edge over their enemies. To suddenly turn stone into quicksand with a whisper or a wooden shield that can block bullets. Though they are often tolerated in certain forms, spellcasters are feared and always regarded with suspicion. Their utility and knowledge are oftentimes the only reasons they're allowed to live.

Another thing to keep in mind about magic is that the power itself isn't flashy. So put away all your visions of launching fireballs and lightning because that doesn't just happen. This is because magic isn't a weapon. It is a tool and a science just like any other force in the universe. To shape it for combat purposes takes some creativity and some good ideas. Spellcasters aren't supposed to be mindless pyromancers after all. There are a handful of define methods or "schools" of magic.

  • Transmutation: The fastes and most often recognized form of magic. This school is all about taking the environment around you and changing it to your advantage, such as turning stone to quicksand or making a wooden table dense enough to block bullets. In order to use transmutation, the wizard will have to touch the desired object at least indirectly. The effects of transmutation do not last long.

  • Alchemy: The magical counterpart to chemistry, this school is all about forging compounds with both mundane materials and magic. It is rumored that the first iterations of gunpowder were the result of alchemy refined to work with mundane science. Simple physically improving potions, metal alloys as light as cloth. Alchemy is the sort of magic that improves and changes mundane materials to give them an edge over their more common counterparts.

  • Necromancy: The magic of life and death. It is said that every aspect of modern medicine was discovered through the research of Necromancy. This is the school of manipulating the life energies floating around the world. To cause illness and create cures, that is to be a necromancer. It with the power, one can save a person from the brink of or even just beyond the curtain of death. In addition to their powers over death, some of the more perverse necromancers may choose to steal the last vestiges of life escaping from a corpse and force them back within, effectively reanimating the body and creating a mindless slave. Necromancy cannot outright kill a living being, nor can it create plagues. Each spell is tailored individually.

  • Artifice: Those spellcasters with deeper coffers tend towards artifice - using magic to create perfect machinery or improv existing ones. Under the guise of extremely talented engineers, artificers live out normal and oftentimes very comfortable lives. Machinery beyond the imagination of science is all but impossible for Artificers, so most often, they are limited to improving what technology they can get their hands on.

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