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The nuisances of the sea

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1 The nuisances of the sea on Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:01 pm

Drosden pirate empire.
in -Unnamed continent- pirates are the most common nuisance both on sea and land. While alot of pirates are rogues and dont have a leader, a good 90% of the pirates around -unnamed continent- are found to be serving a specific pirate captain that goes by the name of Kat Kheylana. She insists on being refered to by her rank wich is Kaptain, Kapitein or Kapitan. Any ship sailing under her flag is to be taken serious as they are well maintained and usually armed with excellent weaponry. Other than the distinct lack of paint and black sails the best way to recognize a ship sailing under a black flag with a skull, crossblades and flames in the eyesockets. There are a number of pirates ships sailing under the flag of Kapitan Kat. Not only do these pirates hold power on the seas and invoke fear of sailors but also do they hold land areas. They have an island simply titled Pirate's cove where Kat supposedly reigns over her citizens. On top of that they also run amok on land with a number of marauding gangs. Truly they are the pinacle of organized crime.
On the ship itself the pirates do not have a culture at all other than to obeys Kat's 5 pirate codess that she has established within her force:
-Do not harm other pirates sailing under the pirate queen's flag ever, not even on land.
-Obey the queen's order. The queen asks very little of her subjects, when her orders reach you, obey them.
-Leave nothing behind. During a raid, take as much as you can. Not only for your own profit but also for the maintenance of pirate's cove.
-Share your cut with the queen. The queen demands a cut of your theft profit. Only 15%, holding back is a serious crime, this cut prevents taxes and such within the village of pirate's cove.
-Upon being accused of a crime under Kat's flag (wich means within her bandit bases, anywhere on sea or pirate's cove) one must prove their innocence in a brawl. Refusing or losing is equal to guilty. There are no rules for the fight, any win is a good one.

History and description:
Piracy is a proffesion as old as sailing itself (perhaps it is just a little bit younger...) and for the longest time, all pirates were rogue and unorganized. One day though, there were trials held among pirates to see who the most capable of them all was ranging from draw speed and acuracy to their ability to sail a ship. The one who could withstand these brutal trials would become pirate king/queen. While it was originally won by -unamed pirate- the pirate king was later killed by his own deckhand. While her treachery was not commendable she was chosen to become the pirate queen for two reasons: Only a pirate would kill their trusted leader for a price and climbing to the top by exploiting the system is a very piratey thing to do. All the pirates that sail under this flag have to swear their loyalty to the pirate queen but as stated earlier betrayals can get one the crown too. Simply disobeying though may result in a sanction. The headquarters of the syndicate is simply called pirate's cove. Pirate's cove is hidden and heavily defended from far before the shoreline. As such it is extremely hard to even find pirate's cove without a map or a guide.

The pirates live under a monarchy and whoever can hold the throne longest has the right to rule the fleet wich is named after the largest ship, the drosden dread. The strength of the fleet itself really depends on what pirates join and leave and there are only a few truly loyal members that stayed since the beginning. The cove has a small guard team and a coastal guard to defend against the law from other countries. The fleet does not seek to establish an empire and mostly exists to commit crime, cause a racket and gain profit from it. They are the most notorious band of criminals and have been harassing the elven natives for years now to the point that the head of a pirate is quite valuable among the natives. But the pirates will not bully a single species, everyone will get targeted by the pirates if they think they can make it in a fight, much like vultures... They rarely conduct bussines with other empires or bands and when they do it's sure to be very profitable for them.

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