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The Valeheim Empire.

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1 The Valeheim Empire. on Thu Jul 13, 2017 9:19 pm

The Valeheim empire is one of the Colonial powers of the realm and led by Basilicus{Emperor} Roland Von Drakobar the fourth who sits on the throne in Ebonvale.

Description of the nation:

The human-ruled Valeheim Empire is a nation born out of hardship and loss.Formed from various loose states and kingdoms unified under the iron grip of Duke Kilmar Von Drakobar of Saar who then became the first Emperor of Ebony Vale since the crusade against the orcs well over 490 years ago.

The people of the Ebony Vale are  hardy and well adjusted to the highlands of the Western mainland where villages dot the landscape shadowed by great hillside castles,old ideals of honour still remain engraved in the culture of their empire leading to many joining the military for romantic cause of seeking adventure and protecting their community.The mixtures of various cultures from the annexed territories does at times sow dissidence among the Valeheimers.

Their feudal hierarchical society is dominated by various barons and dukes who rule sections of the empire and pay a substantial tribute to their liege.

The Empire relies on trade to and from their various colonies to meet the demands of the population and to justify the ever growing industry that is starting to become more established in their society.Trade is usually done with their currency consisting of gold and copper coins containing the emblem of the empire and a motif of various regents of the empire while trade to and from with other nations is usually to achieve resources found only in the new world.

Magic despite it’s rarity is looked down upon by the empire mostly because of the denouncement made by scientists from the prestigious Royal Academy of Sciences who claim that such unworldly gifts are a blight upon the commonfolk and the empire as a whole.Despite having access to automated clockwork technologies the means to mass produce it to the extent it could spark another industrial revolution is far too expensive and ‘dangerous’ to gain traction.Besides producing war machines for the empire the academy actively explores the known world to investigate ruins and ancient civilizations in an attempt to discover the origins of life and the universe.

The Empire has freedom of religion,all faiths secular from the state,the most popular being the human dominated belief in Nossos {a being of holy energy that forged life and to this day guards it} which has become the patron deity for paladins from the Empire.

Most notable in the Empire is its tolerance for the many races that make up its population providing ample opportunities for all manner of being be it the crafty dwarves,martial orcs or shifty goblins.Despite this progressive way of life most of the higher classes of living is dominated by humans alone due to their long standing family ties,histories and standing as both nobles and essential parts of the Emperor’s influence.

The Empire has a large if not the largest standing army consisting of trained troops to conscripted peasants,most of these troops are sent abroad to the various colonies of the empire all becoming part of the Expeditionary forces or the Colonial guard.With industrial assembly lines making it possible to streamline steel most of the infantry are equipped with steel plate and carry either sword or musket into battle. And one of the largest navies under their rival the Tretgar Republic,the Royal navy is known for it’s hardened admiralty consisting of proud noble families with an obligation to safeguard the Empire and its colonial waters.

Valheim Citizens enjoy a sense of liberty as the Empire provides freedom of religion,representative courts and pension.

Unfortunately the Empire is not a beacon of liberty as it practices slavery much like the other Colonial powers,using cheap labour to fuel their prosperity. Slaves are required to travel with identification papers whenever they leave their master’s grounds,each identification letter is bears the seal of the slave owner. Should one be caught without this letter,the slave may face punishment ranging from humiliation to execution depending on their owner’s request.Most slaves are non-recognized citizens and natives from colony regions.

The home territories of the Empire is broken up into four duchies owned by the Imperial crown through vassals these territories include:

Ebony Isle {Lion Sigil}
Western and Eastern Lameria {Double-headed Eagle Sigil}
Saar {Dog Sigil}
Castella {Pegasus Sigil}

These four duchies are the traditional home territories of the Valers {The humans who stem from the Ebony Vale}.

{Note this can change with more lore and info being added over time until the site becomes official}

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