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Site and Roleplay Rules

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1 Site and Roleplay Rules on Wed Jul 19, 2017 8:53 pm


Site Rules

  1. Be a decent human being.
  2. Do not be racist, homophobic, sexist, etc. simply for the sake of being so. It is acceptable for characters to be any of those things only if that is how their character would behave or for lighthearted jokes.
  3. This site is in english. As such, please keep your posts in english as best as possible.
  4. Do not advertise other sites without permission from the Admin first.
  5. Keep porn to a minimum and do not post images. If your RP includes a sex scene, keep it as tame as possible and go as far as is necessary for the story. Posts that include anything past foreplay and removal of undergarments must be a fade to black.
  6. Do not plagiarize. At heart, we are a community of writers, and that means being original with what we come up with. That said, it is fine if your pirate ship is clearly inspired by the Black Pearl, but if it's nothing more than rename, it won't fly. Make your work your own.
  7. Have fun. Ultimately, this is the most important rule of all. We roleplay to enjoy ourselves and explore an incredible story of not only our own design, but those around us as well. It is the purpose of this site to bring like-minded people together to enjoy themselves through writing in ways few other methods can accomplish. As such, rules are designed  

Note: If there are any rules you feel should be added, removed, or changed. Feel free to message any of the staff members on. Also, if you feel that we have overlooked anyone breaking one of these rules, do not be afraid to message any staff members.

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2 Re: Site and Roleplay Rules on Wed Jul 19, 2017 9:25 pm


Roleplay Rules

  1. No metagaming (assuming your character knows information he/she would not reasonably know given the situation, such as that an opponent carries hidden weapons)
  2. No godmodding (forcing other characters to perform actions against their will or assuming your attacks land. For example, you do not assume your punch strikes and flings your opponent into the wall. Leave that to the character's writer. Same goes for NPC's introduced by the other writer.)
  3. This is a free-form RP. That means there aren't any things like stats and attack types that, in my opinion, greatly take away from the power of writing a story. As such, there are limits to what characters can do. Please refer to their respective rulesets.
  4. Always remember that your characters have limits. It does not matter how elite your swordsman is. He cannot dodge or slice bullets in the air, nor would he conceivably be able to take on twenty fully armed and trained swordsmen attacking him at once.
  5. Stick to your character sheet. Once it is approved, that is who your character is. Development is a thing, yes, but if your character sheet specifically states he/she isn't a very strong person, yet can suddenly flip a table as if it were nothing. With any luck, this sort of thing shouldn't be a problem and is only dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

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