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Character Creation Template

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1 Character Creation Template on Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:13 pm


Name: (duh)

Class: (no need to use the traditional stuff. It's just a term to sum up what your character does and what he/she is good at. For example, a pirate swordsman would clearly be adept at sailing and swordplay.)

Race: (self explanatory)

Age: (self explanatory)

Appearance: (doesn't need to be long, but try to describe as best you can what your character looks like. Posture, musculature, hair, eyes, facial structure, and other distinctive features of your character will greatly help others describe them.)

Personality: (likes/dislikes, quirks, demeanor, etc. Again, not much is required, but having this will help you stay in character)

Strengths: (Have at least 3 and explain what they mean or where they come from)

Weaknesses: (Have at least 3 and explain what they mean and where they come from)

History: (What is your character's past like. An especially long or detailed backstory may reward you with being allowed to have additional strengths or bonus levels.)

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